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Clean Beauty: Let’s Talk About What Toxin Free Skincare Really Means
If we asked you if your skincare products are all-natural and free from things like parabens and phthalates, would you be able to answer honestly? 

If you have no idea what parabens or phthalates are, let alone whether or not they are in your skincare products, then this article has found you at just the right time! Of course, these are just two potentially nasty synthetics lurking in most conventional skincare products, there are still loads of others! 

Learning to read skincare labels, and delving into as much research as you can is definitely recommended so you can be sure you are purchasing a product that is safe for you and your family.  

Our products are all free from toxins and synthetics, only lovingly formulated with clean, organic, nutrient-rich ingredients to give your skin exactly what it needs. In this article, we will let you in on just 3 reasons clean beauty is so important, and what it means for us!

Better for your health

Many people don’t think about this, but a large percentage of everything you apply to your skin externally may end up in your bloodstream. 
Of course, if you’re slathering on synthetically-laden ingredients, these may end up in your body and cause all sorts of issues, a big one being hormonal disruptions. 
Switching to clean ingredients means you never have to worry about your health, and that’s the way it should be!

Better for your skin

This has to be our favourite perk of clean beauty products!
You’re applying nutrient-rich ingredients that aren’t going to provide temporary, superficial results that may fade within a few days.
Instead, you are making a life-long commitment to the health and appearance of your skin. 
Our products are all absolutely bursting in vitamins, minerals, healthy fatty acids and antioxidants to fight inflammation, soothe and heal, smooth, hydrate, and promote a gorgeous glowing complexion!

Better for the environment and all living creatures

Another thing many of us don’t think about is the effect our products may have on the planet. 

Everything you rinse off in the shower or over the sink ends up in our waterways and streams where it may potentially harm our Earth and wildlife. 

Using clean products will mean you are doing your part towards protecting our planet.

For us, clean beauty is about protecting your health and the precious planet while still providing beautiful long-term results that will ensure you feel confident in your skin, day after day!

You have enough things to worry about, the last thing you should be stressing about is your skincare products!

If you are looking for products that will truly transform the way your skin looks and feels, then make a daily self-love ritual out of our products!

Written by Celia O'Grady

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