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  • Irish made natural skincare
  • Irish made natural skincare
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"I can say, very honestly, that this is one of my favorite skincare collaborations. I’ve long been an advocate of natural skincare & being dermo cosmetic trained, I know my skincare & its ingredients! Since using NIA over the last 3 weeks, there is a marked improvement in my skin. I’ve always taken great care but the bounce & vitality & glow is amazing, I’m hooked on Orange blossom & Calendula cleansing balm paired with Vitality Super Cream. Love it"


“I’m so glad to have finally found natural vegan skincare which keeps my skin feeling healthy and hydrated”


I've been using the Vitality Super Vitamin Home facial kit for a while now and find it excellent. My dry, sensitive skin gets dull so quickly, but using this once a week keeps the glow and my face feel so soft and nourished afterwards. I also liked that the kit came with everything, including the soft face cloths and brush. It makes it feel more like a treat for myself as well as my skin.

Samantha Kelly

I have been using Nia Natural Beauty moisturizer for the past few months and I absolutely love it! Non greasy and feel like my skin is very happy! I will never use another moisturizer again.

Ruby O'Connell

Nia Natural Beauty delivers the highest quality organic and natural skincare products. They are premium standards and feel amazing on the skin. I have been a customer for a number of months now and I love using the Age Corrective Anti Aging range. Celia is extremely knowledgeable not only about skincare but how to treat special problems, the newest anti-aging treatment, and methods to combat aging. I love how my skin feels and looks after using the Anti-Aging skincare range from Nia Natural Beauty.