Sustainable Beauty

Sustainable and Ethical Beauty is the concept that beauty products should be made and used in a way that will not cause harm to the environment. Nía Natural Beauty is an eco-conscious skincare brand with a clear vision for sustainability in every aspect of its business.

Our ethically-sourced, vegan, organic and 100% natural ingredients, products have been developed on-site in West Clare. All of our natural ingredients have been chosen based on their intrinsic, skin-corrective properties (see post on Why Natural Ingredients). Neither ingredients nor finished products have ever been tested on animals as this brand is cruelty-free.

In development, product batches have been made on a relatively small-scale with minimal waste. Any waste that may be generated has a lesser toxic potential for creating harm to the environment as of course we know that potentially harmful synthetic chemicals are harmful to our bodies and are also known to have a greater tendency to persist and accumulate in the environment around us.

Our commitment to waste management also considers the potential impact of our packaging materials upon disposal. For this reason, our products are only in recyclable plastic and glass containers.
Globally, the level of plastic in the environment is unacceptable and the beauty industry as a whole, need to act responsibly as we tackle this emerging issue.

The call for Sustainable and Ethical Beauty from the modern consumer is undeniable and we would hope we can assure you that nature is at the heart of the Nía Natural Beauty brand. It would be impossible not to consider the environment when surrounded by our beautiful wild coastal landscape.