3 Reasons Why Exercise Is Important for Glowing Skin

3 Reasons Why Exercise Is Important for Glowing Skin

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July 10th, 2020

3 Reasons Why Exercise Is Important for Glowing Skin

Exercise for glowing skin

Finding the motivation to get your gym gear on for a sweaty workout may seem impossible when you have a list of tasks the length of your arm.

It’s easy to ditch exercise when we aren’t doing it for the right reasons.

For example, if your only reason to get moving is to get a six-pack then chances are you are going to fall off the wagon when results don’t manifest as quickly as you expected.

However, if you approach your workouts from a standpoint of getting healthy so you can feel better, well then, chances are you are going to stick with it!

Here’s another motivating factor for you...

A regular workout can boost your skin’s health and promote a gorgeous glow that no amount of highlighter can rival!

Let’s dig into our latest read where we share just 3 ways exercise can drastically improve the health and appearance of your skin!

Boosts circulation to slow down the signs of aging

Increasing blood flow throughout the body helps to bring fresh blood closer to the surface of the skin. This results in an instant rosy flush but can provide long-term anti-aging benefits.

When blood flow is boosted, it helps to increase the production of collagen, a structural protein essential for a taut, plump complexion.

Fresh blood flow also helps to nourish and rejuvenate the skin cells, carrying free radicals and waste away, while infusing the skin cells with oxygen and nutrients.

Studies show that exercise plays a large role in preventing skin aging. I am all for walking my way to more youthful skin!

Flushes toxins to reduce blemishes

When you sweat, your pores tend to open up wider than at any other time, to help cool the body. In turn, your body is able to more efficiently release buildup inside the pores, minimizing pesky blemishes.

You’re also more likely to drink loads of water to replace water lost during sweating, and this further helps to flush out toxins that may have manifested as blemishes.

Promotes a luminous glow

Naturally, when your circulation is flowing and you’re flushing toxins from your system on a regular basis, you are going to enjoy a healthy glow as a result.

 If you’re looking for a long-term, natural glow that will have everyone asking you your skincare secret, then aim to get your sweat on for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week.

 Walking and yoga flows are also great forms of exercise if you aren’t into heavy cardio or jumping around.

 Try this power walk workout or this beautiful yoga flow to get you started!

Written by Celia O'Grady

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