3 Surprising Triggers That Lead To Early Signs of Aging

Youthful, radiant skin comes down to so much more than just using high-quality products on your face.

In fact, clean, quality products, such as ours, should be just one step in your ritual for vibrant, younger-looking skin.

There are a few factors that can accelerate aging in your skin, but you may be surprised as to what we are about to share in this article!

Sure, we know the obvious ones, like sun exposure without protection and smoking, but what about those less obvious culprits?

In this article, we would like to shine a spotlight on just 3 triggers that may be aging your skin without you even realizing it!

You’re eating too much sugar

Did you know that that sugar has a serious negative impact on the appearance of your skin, not to mention your health, but that’s another article for another day!

Sugar actually breaks down collagen, a structural protein essential for taut, plump skin, which then contributes to sagging skin, and lines and wrinkles.

Sugar also increases internal inflammation which contributes to dull, dry skin, as well as increases sebum (oil) in the skin which now increases your risk of blemishes too, no thanks!

There are many healthy alternatives out there so you won’t feel like you are missing out. These paleo treats are all refined sugar-free and still absolutely delicious!

You’re sleeping on the wrong pillowcase

This one may have you scratching your head, but it will all make sense in a minute!

You know when you wake up with crease lines on your face after a night with your face squished into your pillow? These crease lines may fade away as the day goes on, but if it happens too often, you’re actually setting yourself up for lines and wrinkles in the long-term.

Sleeping on your back can solve this issue, but many people are not comfortable sleeping in this position. This is where a silk pillowcase comes in! A silk pillowcase allows your skin to glide across your pillow without causing any friction that may lead to wrinkles over time.

Such a simple change yet it can make quite the difference! Oh, and it’s great for smoothing your hair too so that’s another plus!

You’re using the wrong products

Chances are you read what a product label says and are naturally going to trust that, why would a company lie after all?

But here’s the problem…

Many conventional products will promise beautiful results, but if you delve a little deeper, you’ll see that the ingredients on the label are not ones you really want to be putting on your skin. While they may provide temporary results, if they are synthetic ingredients then you aren’t likely to see long-term results.

You want to feed your skin with nutrients, the same way you fill your body with nutrients.

Our products are all 100% clean and formulated with nourishing ingredients designed to give your skin only what it needs for long-term beautiful results!

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