Serums Vs Moisturizers: Is One Better Than The Other?

This is one question I get often, but the answer is a little more in-depth than simply answering in a sentence or two. This is why I decided to put a blog post together answering this question properly so it makes sense to you!

Both have their own place in your skincare ritual, but because they are formulated a little differently, they need to be used in a specific order for optimum results.

More on how to layer them later on. For now let’s dive into the differences between the two and their individual, unique benefits!

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What is a moisturizer?

Moisturizing is essential to ensure the skin is adequately hydrated. A lack of moisture means that the skin is at risk for the damaging effects of free radicals and pollutants, which can also impair the skin barrier.

Once the skin barrier is impaired, it can take a while to restore the skin back to health and in the meantime, you may deal with an array of skincare woes from increased breakouts to dry, irritated patches of skin.

A moisturizer is water-based, meaning the ingredients are suspended in water. The skin drinks up water and it helps to aid in the absorption of other ingredients.

A moisturizer imparts a protective layer over the skin to keep it well protected, hydrated, and balanced.

What is a serum?

Many serums are oil-based, meaning they contain no water but we have our balms to fulfill that purpose, so our serums are gel based with concentrated ingredients to go into the deeper layers of the skin.

Each serum is targeted to a different skin concern, our beautiful Intensive Restoring Facial Hydrating Serum contains soothing oat milk and beautiful aloe vera to help aid in the absorption of the active ingredients and hydrate all skin types.

The particles in our serums are smaller so they are easily absorbed deep into the pores where they deliver their potent actives and target your specific skincare woes.

Try a spritz of one of our facial mists before applying any of our other serums to ensure optimal absorption.

How can the two exist harmoniously in my skincare regime?

Serums and moisturizers can each be worn on their own, but we love layering them for the best results.

Apply your serum first, after cleansing and toning, and use your fingertips to press or gently massage the active ingredients into your skin. Wait a minute or two before applying your oil based balm next.

Follow up with your moisturizer, starting at your neck, and working your way up, massaging your lotion in with long, upward strokes.

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I hope this has helped to explain things better to you! Both are beautiful products with a heap of benefits on their own, but together they are pure magic!

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