New Intensive Restoring Face Mask for Glowing Skin

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July 10th, 2020

New Intensive Restoring Face Mask for glowing skin.

I am incredibly excited to announce the launch of a new product, which will be available within the next few weeks!

A mask is always a good option to give your skin a little extra love in between your regular ritual, but I have taken it a step further by including ingredients that will deeply nourish and restore your skin to its natural state of glory!

Keep reading to become more familiar with this beautiful new mask so when you meet it in a few weeks, you’ll be dying to give it a try!

Tell me more…

This mask is made for you if your skin is in need of a soothing, hydrating boost. If you have sensitive skin then your skin will simply drink up this silky-smooth formula, made with ingredients designed to nourish, restore, and soften the skin.

If your skin is irritated or inflamed then it will love the feeling of this cool mask when you glide it over sore areas as it soothes, calms, and intensely hydrates delicate skin. The ultra-rich texture feels wonderful on all skin types and it will help to reduce redness and inflammation, restoring skin back to health.

The ingredients…

We have included some of our signature ingredients in this beautiful formula because we know they provide the type of results you are after; you deserve nothing less, after all!

Soothing aloe and oat

Aloe provides a healing, protective barrier of moisture on the skin and infuses the skin with a potent dose of nutrients, antioxidants, and amino acids. Oats helps to soothe inflammation and has gentle, yet powerful exfoliating properties to beautifully smooth the skin. 

White clay

This clay is the one your sensitive skin craves! Unlike green clay, which is more detoxifying and can aggravate very sensitive skin, white clay helps to reduce redness, balance your skin’s pH, as well as soften the skin.  

Calendula, lavender, and chamomile

This trio is pure magic when it comes to aiding in skin healing and repair.

Sweet almond oil and neroli

These two lovely ingredients work together to deeply moisturize the skin, and almond oil is brimming in Vitamin E to aid in tissue repair.

Allantoin and cucumber

These ingredients add some fun cooling and refreshing benefits to a pretty serious formula. This mask doesn’t play around when it comes to giving your skin exactly what it needs!

Directions for use

Use this mask at least twice a week to reveal a soft glowing complexion.

This mask pack includes Intensive Restoring Facial Mask, Mask Application Brush and 2 x 100% natural, 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable cleansing cloths. This makes it incredibly easy for you to use!

Use the brush provided to brush on an even layer of the mask over the face, neck, and chest area and leave to dry for 15-20 minutes. Once dry, hold the damp cleansing cloth over the face to moisten up the mask and wash off to reveal beautiful glowing skin.

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Written by Celia O'Grady

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  • Looking forward to the new face mask. Will be including it in my next order!!

    Anne brazil

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